Advertising campaigns IKEA in Russia

Advertising campaigns IKEA in Russia

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Cinema in the MEGA KhimkiIKEA creative agency Instinct again delight us another unexpected advertising campaign. From December this year 5 IKEA has provided an opportunity for all who wish to visit an unusual movie theater, which is located in MEGA Khimki. In the cinema under the title "" Cinema Park "Kinostar Deluxe" (№1 Hall), viewers will see instead of seats, comfortable beds from Swedish manufacturer. 

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Good morningOwls, larks, pigeons - it does not matter. It does not matter to what chronotype personality you belong and how to operate your biological clock. Almost all of us know the feeling that it would be desirable to extend well even on 5 minutes, turning arrows alarm. You have probably guessed that we are talking about awakening.

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Grandfather in the countryIKEA is famous for the fact that with consistently holds various events, including charity, launches advertising rollers. All of this colossal work together ikeevskogo team with creative agencies aims to more people enjoy all the pleasures of using the company's products. And here once again with the advent of spring and the opening gryadochnogo season, IKEA has turned its attention to gardeners. The last such advertising stock It was held under the motto "Rest abroad home!».

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Grigory OsterLaunched exciting a joint project IKEA and Grigory Oster, the creator of the genre "bad advice". Through this project, the children can participate in an interesting study and become a hero of the popular new book writer. By the way, the project - It is full of the author continued cooperation with IKEA in the framework of the campaign "Be creative you want!».

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