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Today we present to our readers a very simple but useful adaptations, which will give new life to an old chandelier. For it you will need pots of series products SKURARWhich you can purchase at any of the company's shopping centers easily. As a result, we get a rather rework cute hanging lamp. We chose SKURAR white, but in IKEA catalog ornamental flowerpot also available in red, black and other colors. So, down to business.

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It often happens that the room was quite spacious, but not big enough to install it island kitchen. The way of brainstorming, we came up with a solution that may all 100% will satisfy fans of island cuisine and do not clutter the space. This we can do it by means of support for table with shelf FINVARD white. So, get to work. Our goal - to create furnitureWhich is the most spacious and functional, as well as save kitchen space.

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In February 2016 year launched a new collection from IKEA, which combines elements of the Swedish Brazilian design. The collection appeared due to the company's designers who have decided to bring in a sleek Scandinavian style holiday Brazilian colors and decors. To inspire the designers visited the sunny city of São Paulo and studied aesthetics and culture of Brazil, which fully helped to create a limited edition collection of products for the house named TILLFELLE. Designers skillfully combined in TILLFELLE Swedish simplicity and expressiveness Brazilian, bold color combinations and minimalism of Scandinavia. The collection includes not only textiles, but also furniture, home accessories, lamps and other products. The basis of the collection - paintings, jungle motifs and street art in a rich palette.

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The vacuum cleaner is very necessary and useful thing, which is claimed in any home. Modern interior household cleaners do not differ from their ancestors and structurally consist of a body, which are hidden pump and air cleaner hose and a set of brushes. Such a vacuum cleaner design is convenient to clean, but during storage have difficulty placing a compact vacuum cleaner parts. This "hack" we would like to show one of the possible options for the storage of the hose of a vacuum cleaner in a confined space.

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