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Software for interior design from IKEA

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One of the main principles of the company IKEA has always been accessible. Including this manifests itself in the desire to make available an IKEA creating interiors by the buyers, without resorting to the services of the designer. To do this, IKEA, there are a number of interior design programs. Here we have tried to collect all of the programs for the design in one place. Let's get started ...

The new program for the design of the kitchen from IKEA.

In September 2010, the IKEA company released a new, Internet-oriented program for the design of the kitchen. The old version of the program, where in addition to the kitchen was also available and designing the bedroom and the office is available below on this page. 

The new program for kitchen design (opens in new window)

The old program design for the kitchen, bedroom, office from IKEA (IKEA Home Planner).

Bedroom - a place where people spend most of their time at home. Therefore, this place should be full of comfort, to satisfy your needs and to be perfect. IKEA try to help you in designing your bedroom place. 

Kitchen - is the second most visited{# Emotions_dlg.laughing} place in the building. Every woman should feel comfortable, enjoy the perfect climate, it funktsionalnsotyu and beauty. Kitchen - a female outpost, which does not tolerate the interference of men. Help women preserve their secrets and build cabinets and shelves will help this program. To understand her work will not be difficult, because IKEA has taken care of that.

Arrange their own office or study and become a source of advice on interior design, this program will help to design. Select desks, cabinets, conference tables and more. You will not only save time and money, but also gain a great workspace - demonstrating that their business sense.

The program planner BESTÅ shelves.

Stylish and original shelving for the living room to cope with all tasks assigned to them. BESTÅ Shelf fits into the living room with all dimensions, it will house the TV any size. Left, right, above the TV and under it - a comfortable place to store your things. On open shelves, in drawers, behind glass or wooden doors ... Beautiful things put on public display. And just useful - put in ideal storage conditions. Special shelves for storage disks will put in order your audio and video library.

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The program planner BILLY shelves.

Plan the perfect place for storing books, CD- and DVD-ROM drive.

Program for planning bathrooms.

Make your bathroom more comfortable with IKEA. Evaluate opportunities offered IKEA bathroom furniture with the help of this program.

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Program for planning PAX wardrobes.

PAX Series allows you to create a unique combination of clothing that fits perfectly into your interior and provide a place to store everything you need.

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IKEA Space Maker - design teen room.

Design a teen's room, using IKEA Space Maker. This is not just a room - a whole world!

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The program scheduler for storage brooders.

Tidy the garage, basement or attic using brooders system from IKEA. Old jackets, heavy bags of cement, spare tire - for only a place brooders. Durable rack made of galvanized metal, so do not afraid of water.

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Program design table VIKA (VIKA)

With this program, the design table VIKA You can construct for themselves exactly the table that you want: work, work, dining or for children to play. Choose for yourself a suitable table top and the corresponding leg, save or print the results. In addition, the design of the program will calculate the total cost of the simulated table and all the ingredients for it.

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The program for the design of a series of sofas Vallentuna

New from IKEA, a series of sofas Vallentuna. The concept of this series - it is an opportunity to create their own combination to create a sofa that is right for you, both in functionality and design, color colors and sizes.

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