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About IKEA

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IKEA has quite a branched structure, which consists of MEGA shopping centers, Themselves IKEA stores, logistics and procurement units, factories and distribution centers. As a classical internal communication channels the company uses e-mail, a weekly newspaper, intranet and information boards. All is good, but all of these channels of communication They were not effective in achieving the goal of providing information to the employees of the company.

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Did you know that IKEA uses game design? Perhaps, no one doubts that the principles of game design help to study not only the psychological aspects of a person's identity, but also play an important role in the functioning of the business and are the key to successful sales. You have probably noticed that the products in hypermarkets are arranged so as to attract a buyer, for example, the color accents. IKEA all modern game design principles found their direct application. Primarily, this is routeWhich is a good example of how to achieve successful sales. Route hypermarkets IKEA simple and clear, thanks to this, customers can easily find something for which they came.

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We decided to do the census one article about IKEA from the Ukrainian site UNIAN. The author of the article is Yuri Kulikov.

“Ikea is coming to Ukraine,” Alexander Omelchenko, then the mayor of Kiev, declared 2005 of the year in March, promising that the first store of this company selling furniture and household goods will be significantly more than the same in Warsaw and other European capitals. 

In recent years 11 words about the imminent appearance in Ukraine Swedish retail chain with democratic prices uttered many officials of different levels. And Ikea stores we did not have in the country is not in the near future, most likely, will not. Rather, the Swedish comfortable furniture and many other useful things for this popular brand in the world seeps into Ukraine only through the efforts of the Polish and other foreign stores Ikea.

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In this article we will look at features IKEA in the United States of AmericaAfter taking a tour of several cities, we will find commonalities and differences, and you will also learn about interesting facts and convenient functionality of IKEA stores in the USA, unlike, for example, the company's Russian shopping centers. We will take a closer look at IKEA stores in Brooklyn and New Jersey, and also mention some of the features of stores in Philadelphia. 

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Conference IKEA 2015IKEA has been organized international ConferenceIn which it was told about the basics of democratic design and future development of innovative Swedish manufacturer of furniture and household goods. A meeting was held in the presence of journalists from around the 12 May this year in the city of Älmhult, where the headquarters of IKEA. The conference, entitled IKEA DEMOCRATIC DESIGN DAYS It was held to highlight the basic principles of the Swedish brand and the main innovations of the next time, and also included a meeting management and designers IKEA brand.

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