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News IKEA in Belarus

IKEA in Belarus

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Enterprise BorisovdrevIt is not the first time the Belarusians heard that IKEA will come into the country. But, nevertheless, to present far further than talk did not get. However, most recently on the basis of shop furniture production "Sinyavka" of "Borisovdrev" in Kletsk district was created Belarusian-Polish joint venture under the name "Sinyavskaya furniture factory". This information is shared with the press a spokesman for "Bellesbumprom" - Nowicka Ruzhena.

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IKEA in Belarus will notAccording to the latest news agencies, along with the cancellation of more than a dozen investment agreements, and the Grodno Oblast Executive Committee confirmed the decision to cancel construction factory IKEA in the Grodno region.

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IKEAIn the past, the company IKEA is actively eyeing Belarus. Unfortunately, so far only in the construction and manufacturing woodworking companies. Another investment project will be the construction of timber processing enterprise in Svisloch district of Grodno region. The size of the investment will be about 12 million. euro.
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About a year ago on our site the voting: "IKEA in Belarus: whether to wait ...?". At that time, more than half of voters said that IKEA in Belarus will be in a few years. About a quarter of respondents felt that the IKEA in Belarus - it is unreal. The remaining optimists{#} We decided that "IKEA" in Belarus be very soon. 28 February this year, the question was received about the official response from the manager of the mouth of IKEA business development in the Baltic countries Ingvar Nilsson ...
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i2 The Swedish concern IKEA keeps trying to start its own business in Belarus. The Ministry of Trade is now actively negotiating with foreign investors representing IKEA. 

The Swedish company in parallel with the establishment would like to build also a large shopping center in Belarus furniture. Such stores it built in Russia. The complex under one roof unites about 150 shops of different profile (IKEA furniture store, a grocery hypermarket, a hardware store, a hypermarket of electronics and home appliances, clothes, shoes, accessories), food court and other facilities for the entire family.

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