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Reviews furniture and IKEA

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In February, IKEA has expanded its catalog with new items. These will include linens collection ROZENRIPS. Created linen with traditional prints by Swedish designer Eva Lundgren. Eva is initially inspired by the design of things from history, and not just interior decoration. The idea of ​​creating such a collection appeared when Eva studied the exposition devoted to the history of textiles with 17 century, which was exhibited in the museum, located in the south of Sweden. Most impressed with designer items with traditional embroidery, the majority of which in the past was part of the dowry of the bride.

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Today we talk about series Poeng: What are its features, why it is so fond of buyers? Firstly Poeng series created specifically for you, she repeats the shape of the body, maintaining a comfortable neck and back, in order to maximize relaxation. You just need to determine the type of frame and coverWhich can be leather or textile, and then have fun on the operating Poeng chair.

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Today we will share with you what's new, which pleased us IKEA this fall. This will not only furniture of new and updated collections, but also accessories. The first is on our list rocking chair a series of products under the name GRЁNADALwhich is a combination of craft traditions from Vietnam with the Scandinavian style. Made GRENADAL in a factory in the city of Nha Trang, from rattan. Thanks to a special weaving technique, the rocking chair is almost weightless. 

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Today we will review kitchen METHOD- Namely, how to order dozens of little things in the kitchen and cooking utensils, so it looks neat and tasteful. The alteration we will use not only the organizers of IKEA CatalogueBut little tricks that you will surely enjoy. So here's our advice on the improvement of a series of kitchen techniques.

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Since August 2016, the IKEA company began to implement new rechargeable batteries и charging device. The new series consists of four types of batteries: AA2450, 1000mAh, AAA900 and 500 mAh. Also in the sale is a small Charger Winning two AA / AA batteries, which is connected to the charging of the tablet or smartphone that has a USB output. You can buy and a great charger from the series STORHOGEN on 12 batteries with the possibility of mounting on the wall. 

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