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Advertising campaigns IKEA in the world

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In late July, the company released IKEA videoThat motivates the audience to the fact that apart from mobile phones and shift their focus to dinner with the family. In the first part of his video creators show how people could live in a century without 17 Instagram. To do this, the artist should have been done a long way through the city and share their art. In the video, the family only had time to gather around the table and everyone wants to start the meal, but suddenly there is an artist who begins to draw a picture of what is happening. When ready Still, he sneaked across the city in order to be appreciated. And only after obtaining the approval of a public family starts dinner.

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IKEA held a new global study, which name was given - "From what the house is built". What does it mean for all of us the word "house"? It's just a living space, and perhaps even our loved ones or our emotions? What makes our home special? This is the third in a row researchDedicated to life in the house, his goal - to learn how important house in the lives of people in different parts of our planet. After all, understanding the needs, desires and dreams of people, IKEA becomes clear that people want to change the house, which they may not have enough and therefore this knowledge, creating new products. Marcus EngmanWho is the head of department of development of IKEA design expresses its full confidence in the fact that with this knowledge, companies will be able to improve people's lives and make them happier.

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Unexpected continuation advertising campaign titled "The Wonderful Everyday" from IKEA, perhaps, surprised everyone and even struck. No wonder the company IKEA is considered one of the most creative organization in the world of advertisers. And now, the place of honor IKEA confirmed the development and release of new advertising videoWhich, according to tradition, it was created with the participation of agency Mother London.

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Breakfast in LondonRather unusual action proposed to IKEA for residents London. In the first quarter Shorditch outdoor cafes, where you can enjoy breakfast in bed. Moreover, to visit this cafe are not only the residents of London, but also its numerous guests. Breakfast from the cafe under the telling name Bed Café and the company IKEA will consist of traditional Swedish foods that can be purchased at any supermarket-producing country.

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The new advertising campaign is IKEA, which so far is only valid on the territory of Sweden, has surprised everyone with his unexpected themes. At this time, the Swedish manufacturer has launched a new service dedicated to the wedding. It is understandable, IKEA has positioned itself as a company that is important the family. This is evidenced by the numerous promotions, collections and videos. Family and romance theme is present in almost everything they do designers.

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