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Happy New YearBefore the New Year remains very little time, it will soon knock on every house. In the New Year we want to start life anew, filling it with new ideas, dreams and plans for the future. New Year - It is not just a holiday, it's a great opportunity to make life better, rethink already passed stage, make the necessary adjustments if required. It is time for a change, that we are waiting, we need only look closely. No wonder they say: "How to celebrate New Year, so spend it." Therefore we wish you to meet 2014 Year of the Horse with a great mood, a lot of positivity and hope only for the beautiful and very good.

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Man with cameraHave you ever thought about what your IKEA furniture can suddenly acquire a completely new look, without changing their functional abilities? The fact that it can not be "just furniture", but a modern work of art, where you sleep or which store your belongings?

Despite the fact that we all love perfect in its simplicity Journal LACK tables, practical BILLY shelves, Convenient storage EXPEDITWe are often so eager to these familiar and favorite home furnishings suddenly acquired an entirely new form - appearance, Which corresponds to our state of mind and our picture of the world. It is enough for them to find a new visual representation and to realize this idea in practice.

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Continue to go IKEA catalogs for the year 2013. As always, after the main output directory, after a while IKEA produces several thematic catalogs. Year after year, their composition remains virtually unchanged and remains almost always the same. This year, IKEA, except for the main catalog, IKEA has introduced a thematic 5:

  • Kitchen and household appliances 2013
  • BESTÅ universal system hranicheskim 2013
  • Closets 2013
  • Bathrooms 2013
  • Mattresses, pillows, blankets 2013
Download the catalog you can on a special page: IKEA catalog 2013.


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