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Our i-Top is the best of IKEA "world"

Our i-Top

We are glad to introduce our new column - Our i-Top. In it, we will introduce you to the most-most of the IKEA world, from a variety of new products and ending commercials. Of course, everything is subjective, but we hope that our tastes and preferences will please the majority of visitors to our site.

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Did you know that IKEA there are still other options to make their expenses in addition to the minimum democratic prices? Today we will tell you what to consider and what tricks it will be interesting to know before your trip shopping at IKEA.

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If you do not know how to decorate your festive table - no problem! Today we are together with you to discuss possible solutions for creating a festive mood in the house in the New Year's Eve. And importantly, that the table was beautifully decorated and served, because he also is a symbol of tradition and celebration New Year

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Here come the new school year! Not only parents of students in the turmoil collect their children to school, but also those whose children still attend preschool. Our today's i-Top is ideal for children as a pre-school and primary school age, who's work is integrated into the curriculum. We think that any parent wants his child brought in school or Kindergarten the best, high quality and beautiful accessories. IKEA never forgets to include in their collection of pleasant things for the youngest fans of the Swedish manufacturer.

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Lovers Do you travel or not, we are confident that each of us travels to distant and not travel locally around the country and abroad, on holiday or at work. Let's try to make a list of the most essential things in the tour or trip with the help of IKEA Catalogue. So, in our category i-Top for the traveler today were:

- Cooler bag;

- food thermos;

- bottle for water;

- Containers for food;

- Covers for wireless charging.

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