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Advertising campaigns IKEA in Russia

Advertising campaigns IKEA in Russia

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The time spent home, memorably ... Why not share this with everyone through a special serviceCreated by IKEA? This service - a holiday, which is dedicated to one of the best places on earth - your home. The holiday is named symbolically - "Day at home," he called to dedicate a whole day busy with their favorite household chores. How to use the service?

First you will need to select any of the 84 400 seconds of the day, and then figure out what you prefer house Day and for just a moment 1 tell us all. To shoot videoselfi will need to turn your smartphone into a horizontal position, vertical video is not suitable for upload to the site.

house Day

Share your ideas, through what other people in the day at home. And to you doing household chores with the comfort, the new IKEA catalog will offer you a variety of interesting decisions.

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The world-renowned manufacturer of furniture, together with the agency Instinct, launched another advertising campaign dedicated to summer vacations. IKEA and a creative agency have been fruitfully cooperating for over a decade. Each new advertising campaign is dedicated in a general sense to the concept of brand promotion, within a campaign called "Wonderful Everyday". The new advertising campaign was launched under the slogan "There's IKEA - will rest!". The meaning of the new advertising - to remind everyone that summer has already begun, and it is necessary to promptly prepare. 25 April infomercial came on federal television channels, as well as IKEA, the company launched an interesting digital-project a holiday calories counter

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Soon the New Year and the company IKEA, of course, did not leave the world's favorite holiday without his attention. This will be reflected in the continuation advertising campaign under the name "New ideas are." According to a good tradition, the project was created in collaboration with Instinct. The theme of the video is an ideal celebration for which the main heroine of the holiday is preparing, who talks with a voice from an IKEA advertising company. 

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New Year - it's magic, new developments, new ideas. As the company prepares for IKEA new Year? During December passed a few interesting projects of the Swedish manufacturer of furniture and home accessories. One of them - "It is not a prescription, but a fairy tale". Since the beginning of the month and every week online Fabulous recipes appeared, each containing a fascinating story that could inspire culinary achievements not only adults but also children.

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Most recently, IKEA launched a new original project called "The forecast of mood". The essence of this project is such that it can be used to learn about the weather and get different visual ideas for home interior decoration, based on time of day and your location.

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