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DIY, An acronym for Do It Youself - Fashionable, and most importantly practical hobby that allows you to make handmade things, have fun, and sometimes money. In this section we will try our best to show interesting DIY-projects with IKEA furniture and goods, elaborate as it was done :) and encourage you to create your unique masterpiece. Our heading DIY IKEA - is primarily a source of inspiration, which will send your creative and engineering capabilities and help to create a truly great, not like anything, things.

You can send your IKEA hacks on e-mail [email protected]and we will gladly publish them.

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As the saying goes, you can endlessly look at three things: how the water flows as a burning fire, and how people work ... Of course freestyle interpretation of quotes, but not devoid of meaning. Wonderful modification and gorgeous visuals, which look a pleasure. So, DIY-project on transformation table with wheels BEKVEM mobile workbench from bloggerbrian Oltrogge.

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Easel board-MALL It has long won the love of children and parents and is one of the best selling products IKEA Catalogue. But, unfortunately, all things have their service life, especially if it's children's clothes and accessories - life can be reduced by half. But what if you're used to the favorite things that served faithfully and are not ready to part with it? Of course, to give it new life, upgrade it or make it on the basis of a new piece of furniture or a useful thing for the house. In this case, today we will deal with alteration of the easel MALL series products.

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Our today's remake will be devoted to a very convenient device for the home, with the help of which you can not only iron clothes, but also do it, marginallyusing space of your home. it ironing boardWhich will be mounted on the wall, a kind of hanging version of the ironing board. Likewise, it is possible to make built-in wardrobe. In general, we believe that such makeshift ironing board It will be enjoyed not only the owners of a cozy small-sized housing, but also the owners of large houses, which are puzzled how to ergonomically equip your laundry.

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Always surprised parents who are willing not only to the fact to give their children the best, but they are doing to their children quite extraordinary things their own hands. Today we tell it about this alteration, which are the basis hanging shelves LACK series products. In the end, it will stand, which is the ideal height for children to use it for their games, and it has enough space within the volume. This space can be filled with books, boxes of puzzles and board games.

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In today's alteration will participate bed duplex a series of products Freestyle (209 * 99 * 116 cm). The sleeping area can be located either at the bottom or at the top, if you turn the bed. Please note that the manufacturer recommends the use of bed Freestyle Only for children from 6 years, in order to avoid injuries due to the presence of the upper tier. The main part of the bed is made of solid pine and is covered by transparent acrylic varnish, the other parts are made of MDF coated with acrylic paint.

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