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Catalogues and brochures IKEA

Catalogues and brochures

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So wait finally, the new IKEA catalog in Russian have to PDF. The paper version of the catalog will appear in the IKEA stores in a month, in the second third of October. This year, it has become a "tradition", the directory output delayed for a month, as well as, for example, the Summer Sale at IKEA. Prices in the catalog are valid until December 31 2015 years. The leitmotif of this catalog was the kitchen. Yes, with a capital letter. But enough words, let's see ...
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It would seem, learn to harmoniously combine practicality, beauty and functionality - something out of the field of the unreal. But the designers of the company IKEA do not accept such words as "unreal", "too difficult", "impossible." With IKEA all the impossible becomes possible!

IKEA catalog 2014 It is a fusion of modern and classic, bold prints and bright colors, smooth lines combined with strict geometric forms and a variety of textures.

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In late August 2012 year saw a new light IKEA catalog behind 2013 year. The validity of the main IKEA Catalogue with 1 September 2012 24 till June 2013 years. On this page you can download the IKEA catalog in PDF. In addition, throughout the duration of the main IKEA catalog provides special thematic catalogs dedicated to kitchens, furniture, TV, wardrobe, etc. They will all be appearing at us as they become available.

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