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In February, IKEA has expanded its catalog with new items. These will include linens collection ROZENRIPS. Created linen with traditional prints by Swedish designer Eva Lundgren. Eva is initially inspired by the design of things from history, and not just interior decoration. The idea of ​​creating such a collection appeared when Eva studied the exposition devoted to the history of textiles with 17 century, which was exhibited in the museum, located in the south of Sweden. Most impressed with designer items with traditional embroidery, the majority of which in the past was part of the dowry of the bride.

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Did you know that IKEA there are still other options to make their expenses in addition to the minimum democratic prices? Today we will tell you what to consider and what tricks it will be interesting to know before your trip shopping at IKEA.

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If you do not know how to decorate your festive table - no problem! Today we are together with you to discuss possible solutions for creating a festive mood in the house in the New Year's Eve. And importantly, that the table was beautifully decorated and served, because he also is a symbol of tradition and celebration New Year

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Easel board-MALL It has long won the love of children and parents and is one of the best selling products IKEA Catalogue. But, unfortunately, all things have their service life, especially if it's children's clothes and accessories - life can be reduced by half. But what if you're used to the favorite things that served faithfully and are not ready to part with it? Of course, to give it new life, upgrade it or make it on the basis of a new piece of furniture or a useful thing for the house. In this case, today we will deal with alteration of the easel MALL series products

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