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News IKEA in Russia

IKEA in Russia

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Soon will come New Year holidaysAnd the company IKEA has prepared for its customers an excellent winter collection, with the help of which we can not only decorate your homeBut also to create a festive mood. Winter collection This year is presented in five categories of products: holiday decoration, Decorative lighting, textile, Food, toys and games.

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Down with stereotypes and the new templates IKEA Catalogue! As usual, the creators of new collections have paid attention to all the rooms in the house, but more attention had to the kitchen. From the innovations: the expansion of the catalog of opportunities for lovers of Swedish goods manufacturer - interiors with of presencewhich is achieved through 360 ° panoramas and inspirational videos that contain ideas and tips for the design of your home.  

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The annual photo shoot competition in the shopping center "MEGA" starts 9 September. It will last until October 23. it online contestWhich provides each of you the opportunity to become the main face of the cover IKEA Catalogue and win prizes from the company. The project has been ongoing for 7 years in Russia. During this period, more than 350,000 personal catalog covers of the Swedish manufacturer have been created. 

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According to the "Echo of Perm", the construction of "Mega" shopping center is transferred. The specific timing is not reported. Earlier, an initiative group of people living in neighborhood Yves-1, Opposed the construction of the shopping center next door to the apartment buildings. Nobody wanted to see the next big megastore and experiencing discomfort arising from his appearance. But the postponement of the implementation of project place is not for this reason.

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first design opened in the business center "Khimki Business Park", which is located opposite the shopping center "MEGA Khimki" coworking IKEAWhere there are booths for telephone conversations, and artificial greenery, and Pakmenu image. In fact, under the Overseas word "coworking" is the concept of workspace. Area coworking IKEA - 700 square. meters, the company engaged in the development of an interior designer - Arthur KeltWho also developed the design of recreation areas in "MEGA Belaya Dacha", "MEGA Khimki" and others.

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