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Ingvar Kamprad gave the company to his sons

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ingvar-kampradIn early August, there was event, The causes of which, at that time, was not clear. This news sheds light on why manipulations were carried out with the brand IKEA. The founder of IKEA, 86-year-old Ingvar Kamprad, has decided to retire and pass control to the "family business" to his sons.

The representative of the head of IKEA, Per Heggenes said that the company's management will be a change of generations and Kamprad replace three of his sons - Peter, Jonas and Mathias. "Now is the time to make a clear division between the sons of the future roles and responsibilities", - said P. Heggenes. Recall that Ingvar Kamprad started to pass the reins of the company to his sons, even 20 years ago, and now, finally, this process has come to its logical conclusion.

According to Swedish newspaper Dagens Industri, each of the three sons will take over the management of one of the areas of the holding company IKEA. This 48-year-old Peter get Ikano, based in Luxembourg and specialized in holding financial management, 46-year-old Jonas headed by Ingka Holding and will direct the production, and 43-year-old Mathias to manage new Inter Ikea Holding. The last division of the holding company is, inter alia, official owner of the IKEA brand.

It should be noted, as it became known today that the company with 1 September 2013 years leaves the executive director of IKEA Group Mikael Olsson, who has worked in the company of 34 years, of which the last four as president and CEO of the group .. Thus he has informed the board of directors . Position Olsson takes Peter Agnefel appointed Vice President of IKEA Group. Earlier, VP Agnefel worked at IKEA in the position of Regional Director of the group in Sweden.


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