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2013 Results and Future Plans

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IKEA - FinanceAccording to agency Reuters, last financial year (for 12 months to August 31 2013 years) IKEA increased its sales by 3,1%. According to the summary information they amounted 27,9 billion euros. Distinctive regions, according to MarketWatch, in the plan referred to Russia and China. Good in terms of improving market conditions and was the North American market. Compared to last year sales increased 1,8% in annual terms. IKEA managed to increase its market segment in almost all regions except southern Europe. This is because IKEA Group continues to increase its market share in all world markets, and the southern European market is influenced by current economic situation.

Peter Agnefel, is the CEO, made a statement about a shift in priorities towards the development of IKEA existing stores rather than new ones. He also announced plans to raise the annual revenue of the company almost doubled and 2 2020 year to reach 50 billion euros. Most of the revenue the company receives in Europe, but also actively developing wins markets. To date guide IKEA plans to open about 25 new stores in India, which will be spent $ 1,7 billion.

IKEA Distribution Finance

Recall, the network consists of 303 IKEA stores around the world, who for the past fiscal year was attended by about 690 million. The main mission of IKEA - changing daily routine of life of many people's lives by using their own resources and thanks to the long-term solutions. The full version of the financial report for 2013 year will be available in January next year.


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