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Sweet Life by IKEA

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Sweets from Sweden17 April this year, the media began to appear information about the new "edible project" IKEA. And the beginning of the project has already been made: the implementation of sweets Swedish furniture giant launched in European shops and shopping centers of the company. It is expected that the sale will be the starting point for exports Swedish sweets out of the country and Europe.

On this score, the executive director of the Chokofa Association, which includes producers of such sweets as chocolate, candies and muffins, has already spoken out - Håkan Björklund. It is he who promotes sale of loose sweets in IKEA stores.

Exports of sweets

In an interview with the journalists of the newspaper "Dagens Nyheter", he also gave an example that in the case of successful sales of a product by weight, manufacturers, as a rule, start its release in a packaged form. This can happen both on the territory SwedenAnd beyond.

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