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Logistics with emphasis on Belarus

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IKEA MogilevShops IKEA has long been called the "center of gravity" or even svoebrazny "Mecca" for lovers of furniture shopping. We have repeatedly wrote about the possible arrival IKEA in BelarusBut, for one reason or another, it is still so nothing was done in practice. At this point again it was reported that plans to build a distribution - logistics - Sweden's center. This was the press spokesman of the Lithuanian holding company named Vakaru medienos grupe. The place of construction was scheduled Belarusian regional center - the city of Mogilev.

It is planned that the logistics complex, located in the city of Mogilev, will "work" for the supply of IKEA in Russia. Why is the role of a platform for logistics park Belarus has been chosen? This is no coincidence. After more than a dozen of Belarusian organizations engaged in the production of goods delivered to the purpose of selling in the IKEA retail network.

Specific official figures, however, unavailable. We know of no investment, no planned date of commissioning or area of ​​the future logistics center. However, it was reported that as the place of sale project the most suitable of the FEZ (Free Economic Zone) "Mogilev". FEZ - a definite area where is a special legal regime for business and investment.

FEZ Mogilev

According to the Head of Administration FEZ "Mogilev" Andrei Yartsev, are already the design work, as well as discussed issues of financing. Construction work is planned to carry out by Belarusian contractors.

Note that the logistics center has nothing to do with the store, the products have IKEA here to buy it will be impossible. This is only an intermediate station between manufacturers and retail outlets. The logistics center will operate as follows: it will be sorted products companies-suppliers for IKEA (4 of them - residents of Mogilev), and then the goods will be delivered to IKEA StoresLocated in Russia.

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