Tragically permchan in Perm still no trade tsetra IKEA. Although Permian and the city-million population, and as we know, IKEA wants to open their shops in every town with a population of more than a million, but the fact remains - directly buy goods IKEA in Perm it is impossible. In order to join the Swedish brand permchanam need to go to the nearest store or order goods IKEA the companies, which deliver to Perm. List of most companies involved in the delivery of goods IKEA to Perm represented on this page. Remember that these firms are not partners of the company IKEA and do not have any relation to it.


2.7 /5 rating (33 votes)
Perm, ul. Krupskaya, 79a (2 floor)


3.1 /5 rating (66 votes)
Perm, ul. Katchalov 24, ground floor


2.8 /5 rating (24 votes)
Perm, m / p The park, 3-1 I Tap House

LLC «50 Hertz"

3.0 /5 rating (32 votes)
Perm, ul. Lunacharsky 95A

LLC "Billion"

3.3 /5 rating (32 votes)
Perm, ul. Siberian 49 of. 103b, 614039

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