What's new this week (8 - 14.11.2010)

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Due to the fact that some content update site does not fall on the main page, we decided to prepare a short summary of what has passed by news feed and may go unnoticed. Let's get started ...

First, the innovations on the site, which we hope will be useful and in demand by you.

  • Now you can subscribe to the RSS-feed news site. For example, in Mozilla Firefox button RSS To subscribe to the newsletter is in the address bar.
  • To save liked the material in your favorite bookmarking service we added a special button Bookmarks. It is under the name of each article. Now add your favorite article in your list of bookmarks can be a single mouse click.

Well, now actually on the new ...

Winter issue of "IKEA Family Live".
Topics of the issue:
  • Create comfort in concrete walls
  • Arrange original lunch
  • Turn the house into a palace
  • Create in the room the whole world
  • Believe that even soft toys can change lives for the better
  • Celebrate the New Year in the sun
Trackers here.
Rozhdestvenskaaya brochure IKEA 2011

Christmas brochure IKEA. Christmas and New Year holidays are the ones in which I want to especially good and comfort in the house, a warm family atmosphere and gifts. This brochure IKEA tried to collect all the little things that will help you to enjoy these wonderful holidays and remember them for a long time. And that is not unimportant - on the last page you will find a list of New Year shares and sales in IKEA stores in Russia.

Download Christmas brochure IKEA can here.

And finally, new photos of interiors IKEA.

We look here.

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