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IKEA commercials - this is the case when it is better to see once than hear a hundred times. Simply brilliant, creative thought superkontsentratsiya minute airtime make this advertising a frequent guest and winner of competitions and festivals. Services that Swedes are cold, reasonable and economical - videos they order such that it is time to admire, wonder, angry, but not bored. Paying tribute to the talent of IKEA, we have created Video gallery, combining the best, funny, subtle and provocative commercials. All IKEA projects - is essentially a small movies, stories about our lives and about how it gets better with IKEA. This is a game we were offered and which can not be supported, because it, this game, smart, honest and exciting. The same story from IKEA, in which you believe.

Watch for new rollers on our website{#}.


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Happy New Year and Merry Christmas 2010 Happy New Year and Rozhdestovom !!!

New Year - a holiday at the same time sad and joyful. Every year, we grow up or grow old (it's like someone more like{# Emotions_dlg.laughing}). Summing up the past year and plans for the future. Looking forward to ... dream ... Live ...

We wish that in the new year to you luck and success, no sickness and misery, and all your endeavors succeed. Do not stand on the spot, because life - a movement!

And once again - with Rozhdestovom and Happy New Year!

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Welcome to the first dedicated website for IKEA in Belarus. We are still small{# Emotions_dlg.laughing}But purposeful. This site is for you, dear visitors. On the site we have tried to collect the most interesting information about the company IKEA, its furniture and household goods. Here you will find:

  • information on where to buy IKEA products in Belarus
  • news about IKEA
  • IKEA catalogs and brochures
  • three-dimensional models of IKEA furniture for independent interior design.

In addition, you can talk on the forum.

We welcome your reviews


Yours faithfully, IKEA-CLUB_signature

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