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Upgrading of products for window decoration

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Since the new year 2016 IKEA company introduced an updated range of products for window decoration. This and curtains and drapes, and safety shutters, which are not equipped with a cord, or cords if present, they are securely hidden inside the structure. At the head of the project - the question securitySo IKEA products meet all quality and safety standards and environmental regulations. This compliance is checked before the production of the goods, as well as afterwards. During the inspection items are evaluated for the presence of potential risks to identify and hazards and ensure the safety of the operation. This is due, among other things, taking care of children, because blinds with cords could provide a threat to life and even cause suffocation.

To prevent this risk, 4 last year, the company is developing alternative solutions. Despite the fact that the company had to withdraw from the IKEA product range based on the blinds horizontal slats, and to offer customers an alternative it was not possible, the decision was still pending. However, according to Petra Phare, the direction of the manager "Textile", the company continues to work on a solution to replace this product. 

Cellular blinds IKEA

IKEA Roman blind

At this point in IKEA catalog presented the following types of products for windows:

- curtains without cords;

- blinds without cords;

- honeycomb blindsIn which there is a system of cords within the tissue;

- Roman curtains (Magnets, with height adjustment).

Blinds IKEA

New products have been tested by independent laboratories for compliance with all standards quality and safety. Manual IKEA hopes that this step will be initiated for other, more global changes in order to improve people's lives. In addition, IKEA company makes an appeal to all buyers checked curtains and drapes the absence of a threat to children. If you find that the curtains have cords that hang down freely and have no special safety devices, it is recommended to replace them with safer solutions window decoration.

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