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Scandal: "wrong" plants

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The scandalous incident12 entire administrative cases were initiated on the fact of import to the Russian Federation several thousand flower flowers, bulbs and other plants. According to the head of the Rosselkhoznadzor for Samara region Victor coward broke the law on plant quarantine branch company profile "IKEA-HOUSE" in Samara.

To clarify officials against the company IKEA has been thoroughly checked by the final results of which were found violations of the existing legislation in the field of Quarantine plants. Established use cases, as well as the implementation of regulated products that came from other regions of Russia.

IKEA in Samara

According to the Russian regional selhoznadzoraIn shops and shopping centers IKEA of Moscow and the region, as well as St. Petersburg was brought almost 6,8 thousand potted plants, more than 13 thousands of flower bouquets, flower bulbs and - in the amount of 750 copies.

Victor Cowards clarified that set out in shopping malls Swedish manufacturer plants included in the list of goods subject to mandatory phytosanitary supervision. Accordingly, the motive for the seizure was the fact that the company has not informed the Provincial Department of Rosselkhoznadzor about getting this product and conditions for pest surveillance have not been granted the public authorities.

Victor Cowards

As a result, the authorities have decided to initiate 12 administrative affairs and to impose fines in 65 thousand. Grew. rubles for the Samara branch of the IKEA article violation rules of production, transportation, processing, storage, processing, sale and use of regulated products.

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