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"Without a fun job will be hell" - Ingvar Kapmrad.

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About his family business Ingvar Kamprad said in an interview with newspaper Handelsblatt Walter PELLINGHAUZENU.

The world-famous Swedish concern IKEA is engaged in developing, manufacturing and retail sales of furniture, home furnishings and home accessories through its own sales network.

- Mr. Kamprad, the whole world is trying to guess the size of your state. Some even believe that in 2006 year you were the richest man in the world. This is true?

- Forbes Magazine named me one of the three richest people in the world, after Microsoft founder Bill Gates and financial guru Warren Buffett. It's very flattering.

- Your business makes a good profit?

- First of all, we assume social responsibility. This year we plan to create 10 thousand new jobs. We invest a lot of money in China's economy. Our products improve the quality of life of the population of this country. At the same time, we do not think about when our investments will bring the first profit. What we are doing now in China, we realized in 90-ies in Russia. And in 1998 during the economic crisis, we did not leave Russia, although almost all investors panicked and immediately turned off the business. The struggle cost us not cheap. Naturally, now our company receives profit from economic growth in Russia. But we do not rush things for profit.

- Press constantly discussing who will replace you as the head of IKEA.

- I already 20 years is not the head IKEA. Be the head of the group - a very difficult job for more than ten years of hard perform. So I hope that none of my three sons will not be led by the group, although they all work in IKEA.

- That is not one of them will lead the group?

- We often discuss it. I am convinced that my sons do not go in my footsteps, because they have their own problems in IKEA, and very interesting. Jonas studied architecture, and now he is responsible for the design and improvement of products, headed by Matthias division in Denmark, Peter controls the finances.

- However, in its 80 years you continue to participate in the activities of the company. Why do you need this stress?

- This is a positive stress. 25-30 days in the year, I look around the IKEA stores in one of the countries of the world, it gives me great pleasure. Work should bring satisfaction and staff - no job satisfaction will be hell. I'm trying something positive, that is, in one place, to extend everywhere. For example, if IKEA in Toronto with my point of view is more successful sofas, I talk about this in Shpreytenbahe employees.

- Of great importance you attach to the fact that both the senior staff regularly communicate with customers.

- We call it antibyurokratiey. Each employee, even the head of division, in any country, should one week a year to work in direct contact with our customers.

- And for traveling you still buy the cheapest?

- Why not? Once in Germany, I had to award as Entrepreneur of the Year. I, as usual, arrived by bus from the airport directly to the ceremony in Dusseldorf. The Security Service did not want to let me in the room.

- Because of its thrift you hardly would have been the ideal customer for IKEA ...

- IKEA even encourages thrift. If we provide 25-year warranty on our products, we have to consider that the replacement of goods to the buyer need only a quarter of a century.

- Furniture from IKEA can serve so long?

- My desk chair serves me 32 years. The wife thinks that you need to buy a new one, as already soiled upholstery. But technically, as the new chair.

- You only home furnishings from IKEA?

- No, only. From my mother I was an old chair and a beautiful watch. The rest of the furniture, of course, from IKEA.



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