BEKVÄM stool-staircase birch

BEKVÄM stool-staircase birch
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3.3 /5 rating (23 votes)
Article number 301.788.79

This stool-ladder will help get things that are stored high.

Thanks to the hole in the upper step, the ladder-stool is easy to move.

Solid wood - hardwearing natural material. If necessary, can be ground and machined surfaces.

product dimensions
Width:43 см
Depth:39 см
Height:50 см
Max load:100 kg
Packaging dimensions and weight

Packaging:1Packaging:1Article number: 301.788.79
Width: 40sm
Length: 51sm
Weight: 4,1kg
the number 1


Окружающая среда

Suitable for recycling or energy recovery, if provided for in your area. Renewable material (wood). At IKEA, we have strict requirements for wood and do not use raw materials from illegally cut down forests. By 2020, all wood will be sourced from certified forestry, or recycled materials will be used.


Step / Countertop:
Solid Birch, Clay
Solid birch
Care instructions

Wipe clean with a cloth dampened in a mild cleaner.

Wipe clean with a dry cloth.

To provide maximum quality, tighten the screws if necessary.

Additional Information

Helpful information

Do not paint stool stairs with ordinary paint, since the painted surface will become slippery. To make the stool stairs less slippery and more wear-resistant, and also to give it individual features, you can treat it with BEHANDLA stain.

Sitting on the stairs and standing on a stool ...

The BEKVEM ladder-stool will help to get the necessary object from the upper shelf. The hole in the top step makes it easy to move the ladder. The staircase is made of unprocessed solid wood. You can sand the surface and cover it with oil for processing the BEKHANDLA wood.

Solid wood

Solid wood gives each piece of furniture unique. This is a natural material with a beautiful, diverse texture. In addition, the solid wood is very durable. Wooden furniture will serve you for a long time and will only look better with time.


Nike Karlsson

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