LAGAN EC 51102 FXC ceramic hob

LAGAN EC 51102 FXC ceramic hob
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Article number 302.522.56
-Quickly Heated and reacts well to changes in temperature; easy to adjust the temperature according to the dish you are preparing.
-Zakalennoe Glass; easy to keep clean.
-Indikatornaya Residual heat lamp provides maximum security.
-Varochnaya Panel with heating elements; provides uniform heating.
-Control temperature (thermostat).
-Ergonomichnye Handle.
-Dvertsa Oven with double-layer glass.
-Internal Surface of the oven is coated with enamel EcoClean, which is easy to wash.
product dimensions
Width: 50.0 cm
Depth: 60.0 cm
Height: 85.0 cm

Packaging dimensions and weight
Packaging:1Packaging:1Article number: 302.522.56
Weight: 37,1kg
the number 1
Care instructions
Wipe clean with a cloth dampened in a mild cleaner.
Additional Information
Installation must be done by a qualified specialist.
1h1200 W radiating area.
1x1800Vt radiating area.
Voltage: 230 B.
It may require special waste handling. For more information, please contact your local authorities.

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