SKINANDE Integrated dishwasher

SKINANDE Integrated dishwasher
3.4 /5 rating (656 votes)
Article number 502.224.33
-Free 5 years warranty. For more information about warranty - the warranty booklet.
Fully integrated; It can be fitted with a door in the same design as the rest of the kitchen.
-Function "Ray on the floor". Optical projection light beam informs the user whether or dishwasher operating cycle is completed.
-5 Programs; choose the program depending on the dish and your needs.
-Otlozhenny Start; the beginning of the cycle may be postponed for 1-19 hours. Conveniently, if you plan to use the car during the night.
-Upper Basket height adjustable; It allows you to adjust the size of plates and glasses.
-The System of control "Aquastop" prevents water leakage.
Multi-tab-program optimizes tableted universal action means so that all components of the cleaning agent used in the relevant part of the cycle.
product dimensions
Width: 59.6 cm
Depth: 55.5 cm
Height: 81.8 cm
Wire length: 150 cm
Weight: 37.20 kg

Packaging dimensions and weight
Additional Information
Energy efficiency class: A - on a scale from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient).
Volume: table set for 12 people.
Estimated annual energy and water consumption (280 washings): 311 kWh / 3360 liters.
Dryer class: A
Noise level: 45 dB (A).
It is built in the model.
Washing class: A.
Power consumption: 1,08 kWh / standard cycle, the "eco".
Automatic Program: 45 ° C-70 ° C.
Test program: Eco wash, 50 ° C.
rinsing program.
Intensive washing, 70 ° C.
LED display.
Voltage: 220-240 B.
2 folding shelf for cups and 2 folding stand for dishes included.
Worktop, door, plinth and handles are sold separately.
Electric salt indicator. Softened lime contained in the water, provides high-quality cleaning and prevents lime deposits in the dishwasher.
Quick wash cycle: 60 ° C, 30 minutes.
It may require special waste handling. For more information, please contact your local authorities.

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SKINANDE Integrated dishwasher

SKINANDE Integrated dishwasher
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Free 5 years warranty. For more information about warranty - the warranty booklet.

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  • Ms.

    Electrolux has been to my house 6 times to fix my Skinande dishwasher since it was installed in July (6 months ago). 4 heating elements have been replaced, the ventile has been cleaned, and the first time was to check out. It still does not clean properly. I have to wash all the dishes. I am not impressed.

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