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Catalogues and brochures IKEA

Archive IKEA catalogs of previous years (up to 2009 years)

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Sometimes there is a situation where simply desperately need to find out the name of an object from the IKEA range. The new IKEA catalog noOn the IKEA website noBut you remember exactly{# Emotions_dlg.wink}They saw it in the IKEA catalog three years ago (yes, yes - it's a case of life). That for these and other similar situations, and we have created this file. And perhaps, for someone to be just interesting to see how IKEA catalogs looked a few years ago.

IKEA catalog 2008
IKEA catalog 2007

PS: If you have lying around other IKEA catalogs of previous years in the electronic form, please send them to us - we are very grateful{#}.

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