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Financial results IKEA Group in 2011 year

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logoTotal sales of IKEA Group in 2011 fiscal year rose 6,9% - up to 24.7 billion euros. Revenue, including sales and income from the rental of commercial real estate amounted to 25.2 billion euros. Due to increased sales and improved cost structure, the company net profit compared with last year increased by 10,3% - up to 2,97 billion euros. Despite the increase in raw material prices, IKEA has reduced the retail price of 2.6%, the quality of products improved. Net income in the fiscal year 2011 10,3% rose to 2,97 billion euros.

"Today, when many countries and people living in them, face economic difficulties, the IKEA concept is more urgent than ever. Our goal is to help our customers to improve their daily lives, offering beautiful and functional solutions for home improvement at affordable prices. In the 2011 fiscal year, we continued to grow and develop: we opened seven new IKEA stores and recruited 4 000 new employees. Our profits are reinvested in the company, which allows us to innovate, look for more functional and environmentally friendly solutions and use alternative raw materials, "says Michael Ilsson, President and CEO of IKEA Group.

According to the annual report, the most dynamically developing countries were Poland, China and Russia.
"Russia is among the ten countries with the highest turnover - says the director of retail chain IKEA in Russia Christian Thomas. - This year we have opened new stores in Ufa and Samara. The number of Russian visitors to IKEA stores is constantly growing, and the growth of sales in stores 2011 fiscal year double-digit. We are very pleased that the concept of IKEA products and close to the heart of millions of our customers. It is for us the most important result. "

In the work on the assortment of IKEA, great attention is paid to the principles of sustainable development. This includes the use of raw materials obtained in a responsible way, a design that allows maximum use of production capabilities, optimization of transport solutions so that they have a minimal impact on the environment. One of the latest examples is the replacement of traditional wooden pallets with paper ones. In 2011, IKEA continued to invest in renewable energy sources, such as wind turbines and solar panels. Today, 60 wind turbines and solar photovoltaic systems are installed in 40 IKEA stores, and more than half of the company's energy use is derived from renewable energy sources.

The volume of donations Charitable Foundation IKEA 2011 65 year increased to millions of euros. The main goal of the Foundation IKEA - to help children and youth in developing countries to build a better future for themselves and their families. Due to the Fund's programs, more than 2015 100 million children and adolescents receive the necessary help and support.

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