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LEKSVIK "born" from Belarus

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Everyone knows that IKEA manufactures its furniture all over the world. The main proizvoditelelyami furniture and interior are for IKEA China and Poland. In Belarus, the company also aims to open up their production due to the presence of a good resource base and proximity to major markets. So, in the near future, in Mogilev will be created woodworking enterprise, The basis of a consumer product which is IKEA.

At the moment, for IKEA furniture has proivodit diverse enterprises of Belarus. For example known series LEKSVIK IKEA, which includes living room furniture, dining room and child made including in Belarus. Manufacturer engaged in the Belarusian-German production joint venture "Minsk furniture center", stationed in Molodechno. This company has for many years cooperated with IKEA. And as a result, 30% of its output is supplied to IKEA. Unfortunately, since this contract manufacturing drawings IKEA, then most likely, this furniture can not be purchased directly in Belarus. A pity ...

LEKSVIK in pictures.

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