Cots for infants from IKEA

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All the parents, without exception, eagerly awaiting the birth of their baby. They are trying to prepare for this event, so that the new member of the family was cozy and comfortable. IKEA has already taken care of your baby, developing cots for babies.

The most interesting thing in the series cots from the Swedish manufacturer it is that IKEA designers and experts sought to invent not only cots for babies, and at the same time to make furniture that will delight parents with its elegance and functionality. It is this concept and made it possible to design a model for cots to suit the style and color to any interior and will satisfy taste of the most demanding parents.

IKEA is a model for the little cots under the following names: HENSVIK, GULLIVER, LEKSVIK, SNIGLAR, Somnath, STUVA и SUNDVIK. All of these beds can be divided into two types: semi-open and fully open. This means that in cribs HENSVIK, LEKSVIK, STUVA and SUNDVIK side walls are sheathed and models do not have a lattice edge. In the other model has a lattice of wooden bars.

This has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, if one end of the crib will stand against a wall, it will be advantageous cot without bars. A bed of twigs around the perimeter has a complete overview of what is good for parents and baby.

Moreover, the development of babycots IKEA has provided related and complementary products. This can be changing tableMattress for cot, mattress, wardrobe and a huge number of different boxes, hanging pockets and organizers for children's clothes, cosmetics skin care of the child and other accessories. It is important that the most necessary was always at hand in caring parents.

So, let's look at the model from IKEA beds more.

Cots HENSVIKCot HENSVIK consists of beech covered with acrylic paint. This is a very eco-friendly components. Side socket is made of fiberboard, on its surface has a printed pattern. At the top of the side panels have a beautiful shaped cut, which gives the furniture a special tenderness and poignancy. Curly legs complement the image of the model. Cot painted white, which looks very neat and suitable for any interior.

Cots GULLIVERCots GULLIVER made of solid birch coated with acrylic lacquer, the upper part of the bottom consists of fiberboard. A big plus is the option that allows you to shoot sidewall beds and if you want to supplement its rim Vicar of IKEA. The bottom of the crib is adjustable. However, this feature is characteristic of all cribs from IKEA, which is very convenient for children up to a year.

Cot LEKSVIKThe main parts, rods and base frame LEKSVIK crib consist of beech, stained and treated with clear acrylic lacquer. "Highlight" LEKSVIK is removable sidewall crib, so when the child grows up, he will be able to climb into bed. In developing this model beds, designer Carina Bengs made sure that the bed is already in appearance was very comfortable and at the same time the original.

Cots SomnathCots Somnath - Models in a cheerful green and pink colors. These beds are suitable for bright children's rooms will create the perfect mood kiddies and their parents. Already a favorite with designers solid beech covered with acrylic paint, is the basis of the model. If such a design solution is presented to you too bold, note the model SNIGLAR configured as beech, but in a quiet natural wood color.

Interesting models are STUVA and SUNDVIK. They are suitable for use in the interior in high-tech style, as are the modern solution.

Materials from which the model is made cots STUVA complement its unusual appearance. Headboard and footboard of the crib models consist of chipboard, honeycomb filler made of recycled paper, fiberboard, covered with acrylic paint and plastic ABS. Bedside with iron rods and Bed base frame made of solid beech. STUVA has the highest among all the functionality cots from IKEA: under it you can put boxes in different colors and use them to store baby clothes or toys.

Cots SUNDVIKModel called SUNDVIK is a neat and sturdy crib for the most fashionable kids and most modern parents. This model is available in three colors: traditional white, gray-brown unusual and majestic black and brown. Despite the dark colors, the design of these beds makes them look very warm and pleasant. The main part of the structure is made of solid beech wood, which is particularly strong, which is important for children's furniture.

Cots for babies with drawers for storage

Previous cots in this review did not provide any place to store children's clothes or other small things that are strange way :) appear at new parents in large numbers. However, this "omission" corrected models STUVA series, which under the bed space for the installation of boxes for storage. In these boxes, young parents can keep the baby clothes and other useful things.

IKEA designers have worked hard to make a baby cot, which is quite uncomplicated furniture and home furnishings, a real masterpiece for kids.


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