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The heart of the house, shelter for the refrigerator and stove, another room in your home is the kitchen. A place where you can not only tasty, thoroughly eat, hastily snack, but also communicate with family and friends. For a woman, no matter how eerily it sounded, the kitchen is the next workplace. In view of this, it is clear the desire of the hostess to have everything you need at hand: pans, saucepans, bowls, storage containers, scoops, coronets. The list can continue for a long time or draw your attention to kitchen utensils from IKEA. The review will focus on middle-price items from the company's catalog, which will become assistants in the cooking process and will reduce the expenditure items of the family budget. This article is the second in our series about IKEA dishes. The first article - Overview kitchen utensils from IKEA. The first series - the budget.

Utensils for cooking

In the kitchen, anyway, without pots and pans can not do. According to our price demands can pick up the dishes for cooking of various series.
Set raznoemkostnyh buckets series Cavalcade of 3-x units costing only 399 Russian rubles to cope with various tasks. If you have a small child, it becomes your magic wand! The only negative - are not provided in the kit cover. This is quite solvable problem and covers can be purchased separately.

Cavalcade set of bucketsKit Specifications Cavalcade:

  • are black lung of aluminum;
  • l volume 1, 1,5 2 l and l;
  • the use of various cooktops;
  • long handles make the process more convenient operation;
  • possible to use the insert-steamer from the series Stable.

To purchase more capacious instance, recommend to pay attention to saucepan with lid volume 3 l of a series SNITSIG 399 rubles worth:SNITSIG Casserole with lid - 3 l

  • suitable for all hobs including induction;
  • material - stainless steel shock-resistant;
  • triple bottom, so that food does not stick, does not burn;
  • suitable series products Stable: Colander insert, steamer and -vodyanaya bath.

Frying pan - kitchen another central character, without which it would be difficult to cook really delicious. IKEA presents two new series ShankSuitable for the budget review:

  • pan value 149 rubles (diameter 14 cm);
  • pan for pancakes, and not just the cost of 299 rubles (diameter 25 cm).

Both are made of aluminum, fitted with comfortable handles and durable non-stick coating Teflon Classic, can be used in various cooktops. The lack of caps can be offset by purchasing splash stainless steel mesh with a collapsible handle a series of stability for 99 rubles, which is suitable for pans with a diameter up to 32 see.


Indisputable fact that a better digestion contributes to even the appearance of dishes. In this section, the review recommended to pay attention to a series of tableware FERGRIK и Diener. The service FERGRIK, 18 items - Green / faienceBuy the whole set of dishes is optional, but necessary to choose for daily use is quite real.
In the first case, it is possible to select one of the 4-colors: white, green, dark purple and black. Set 6-five persons would cost 882 ruble:

  • bowl - diameter 16 cm, height 7 cm;
  • dish - diameter 27 cm;
  • Mug - volume 250 ml;
  • material - faience;
  • suitable for use in microwave ovens.

Diner Plate - BrownCookware Set Diener also has 4 color versions: beige, brown, gray-blue and black. This option would cost a bit more expensive and would amount to 1422 ruble:

  • bowl - diameter 14 cm, height 6 cm;
  • dish - diameter 26 cm;
  • Mug - 10sm height, volume 350 ml;
  • material - stoneware;
  • suitable for use in microwave ovens.

In the selection of cutlery we stopped for a democratic, coupled in color with kitchenware, a series OSTRON. Set value 249 12 rubles consists of objects (fork, knife, spoon). Is made of a combination of materials: stainless steel, polypropylene handle in a green or turquoise.

ENDLIG Knife Set, 4 piecesSet of 4-x blades ENDLIG cost 399 rubles, perfectly fit into the kitchen space and to cope with a wide range of tasks:

  • Accessories: bread knife 23 see, chef's knife 15 cm knife tomatoes 13 cm knife Root 10 cm;
  • blade material - stainless steel;
  • ergonomic handle of synthetic rubber provides a comfortable grip.

Necessary trifles

DIRECT Kitchen AppliancesA set of kitchen appliances DIRECT cost 179 rubles as part of a large spoon, spatulas and ladles made of stainless steel and polyamide plastic without damaging the non-stick coating, be your kitchen companion in tandem with multi-function float IDEALISK for 69 rubles.

Useful small devices

Grogg CorkscrewWe offer combine several functions that a no-no, and will be useful in real-life situations with the help of corkscrew series Grogg cost 129 rubles, which is also provided with a knife and bottle opener. Made of stainless steel and does not require special care, but to wipe with a damp cloth.

Culinary scraper GUBBRORA value 29 rubles would be a good investment. This thing of silicone rubber will not leave a single dirt on the walls of the dishes.

Kitchen textiles

BYUMOLLA kitchen towelsTowel in the kitchen - a thing not only necessary, but absolutely necessary. It can perform the functions of stuck, if your economy is absent. In our price range fits kitchen towel BYUMOLLA cost 29 Russian rubles:

  • size 60h35 cm;
  • 100% cotton material;
  • machine washable at 60 ° C without the use of bleach and drying function.

Snow white can be considered slight disadvantage in terms of use in the kitchen, but, due to the relatively low price, purchase 2-3 units solve the problem, when a change of towel is in the wash.
Agneta kitchen towelMore preferable in terms of color combinations, the price will be Agneta towel the cost of which 59 rubles:

  • size 70h50 cm;
  • material 100% lint-free cotton;
  • Machine washable at 40 ° C Do not dryclean.

Black pattern on a white background makes the towel less than brand, and no lint will greatly simplify the process of rubbing to the crystal glasses shine.

Considered kitchen combination is highly conditional and does not pretend to 100% execution. If you find that it will require some additions and changes, it will not be easy, given the affordable and reasonable prices for the company's products.

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