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Stand for equipment for audiomanov

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Stand for photo equipmentToday is dedicated to remake this audiomanam and audience. Its result will be stand for the equipmentHaving a compact and fairly modern look. Furthermore, our equipment rack Instead of a large number of devices, but at the same time, the cost is quite inexpensive. The main element of alteration - pridivanny table LAKIn an amount of six pieces. Why is selected for conversion LACK? Wanted furniture for audio and other equipment looked like equipment rack made of woodAnd LACK table is made of a combination of particleboard and fiberboard and covered with acrylic paint. Therefore, it is quite suitable for our ideas as a cheaper substitute for solid wood.

So, we need:

--6 pridivannyh LACK tables;

- Angle brackets - 10 pcs .;

- Ball-bearings - 4 pcs .;

- Miter saw;

- Drill or screwdriver;

- Drills on a tree.

Step №1. Measure all your audio equipment (height and width), as well as consider additional clearance for normal thermoregulation and ventilation.

Step №2. For each shelf will be used 4 legs, which comes with every pridivanny LACK table. Remains blocked shortened to the desired height. Carefully vymeryat lengths of the legs to match their level. Here's a hint: you can use electrical tape, wrapping her legs in the place where they will be shortened, and only then cut them off.

Step №3. The legs of one of the tables LACK we do not need, but they are worth saving, if in the future you decide to change the height of the shelves. Attach the ball rolls along the edges of the rack.

Ball Rollers

Step №4. Collect LACK tables according to the instructions, then make them in such a way as to get a rack. Make sure that the order complied with and reception takes as much space as planned.

Connect tables

Step №5. Disassemble the rack and secure each tier using angle brackets.

Ready for the equipment rack

That's our ready stand for the equipmentEven correct to say - stand for the equipment and TV. This simple alteration, which is capable of any, even the most inexperienced owner.




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    08.11.2014 03:24 | #
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    Interesting rack but it seems to me that it is quite stylized what that vintage. Not every interior this will take its place, although it would be suitable for my home.
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    13.11.2014 02:41 | #
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    this rack is that it is necessary to audiomanov. At the same time it is able to move is very important, but at the same time sufficiently stable. Amazing remake!

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