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To demonstrate the new product catalog brand 2009 years and IKEA US company GoMobile Advertising invented directory which "comes to consumers."

In the car GoMobile Advertising appointed rooms, the interior of which was created with the help of the new catalog, and sent through the streets of American cities. This, according to the brand, three-dimensional demonstration of the catalog, which really allows you to create the impression that it offers.


"The theme of the collection 2009 years - the house is the most important place in the world. Size does not matter here, and we have shown how a small area of ​​the car fit a cozy room. For those who appreciate this idea, we offer more 373 pages printed catalog, "- said Lori Helm (Laurie Helm), manager of IKEA.
It is known that the mobile directory will cruise the streets of American cities to 1 September.

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