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Israel will be the third IKEA

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Construction company, controlled by Shari Arison, sold 50% of its land for the shopping center "Big Krayot" at the intersection of Kiryat Ata (near Haifa) company "Ikea Israel", owned by Matthew Bronfman. At the intersection of Kiryat Ata in Israel will be the third store of home furnishings and design of the Swedish network IKEA.

Bronfman paid for the land 55 million shekels. His company will build on this earth, not only IKEA, but also the shopping center, parking lot and gas station. The volume of investments in the project - 600 million shekels. Profit of the company "Ikea-Israel" in 2011 37,5 totaled NIS million.

2011 year Israel became the IKEA unsuccessful. In February, it burned to the ground along with the product of the two IKEA stores in the country - the branch in Netanya. In March, it began the demolition of the building. It was expected that the new building will be one and a half years after the demolition of the old.

The cost of the burned buildings was estimated at 200 million shekels, and the cost of the burnt goods - in 150 million. Shop and all the contents were insured in the company "Phoenix" and "Clal".

As a result of the fire no one was hurt, but without a job were about 400 store employees. Experts fire department came to the conclusion that the cause of the fire began to heavy rains. Leaked on the second floor of the water caused a short circuit in the wiring.

IKEA store in Netanya opened in April 2001 years. In March 2010 year IKEA branch, which occupies a greater area (34 thousand sq. Meters) has appeared in Rishon Lezion.


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