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Democratic White House

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IKEA furnish the Oval Office Barack Obama (Barack Obama) in the White House. So the brand will celebrate the inauguration of the US president, which are waiting for a big change.

 And let it be not a real account, but only comic demonstration on "how it could be" another idea IKEA has already been called "fresh" and did discuss the network. All this will take place on the site embracechange09.comWhich have already taken all the furniture from the president's office and where posters are appearing in Washington. And then the model will show the cabinet on the streets. Who knows, maybe Obama will listen to the views of Americans.


His presidential project at IKEA commented as follows: "President Obama's position on the need for change and responsible approach to the solution of financial issues in good agreement with the IKEA brand philosophy, which has always advocated a practical and acceptable solution."

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