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2015 Investments in Russia

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IKEA Russia 2015Despite the current economic situation, it is time for IKEA positive news. Swedish manufacturer, according to Daniela Rogosich (representative of IKEA), announced its intention to invest 2,3 billion, which is about 19 billion SEK in Russian shopping centers, shops and production in Russia. Thus, they are calculated as a minimum double the sale by the 2020 year. Has shared the news agency Bloomberg, which, in turn, referred to the publication Dagens Nyheter (Sweden).

To date, IKEA is focused on Moscow and Moscow region, but interest in new markets as the country is not quenched. Daniela Rogosich clarified that at the moment is to assess the possibility of opening shopping centers IKEA 25 cities of the Russian Federation. Building the new company is planned, for example, in Veliky Novgorod, namely the production of kitchen furniture and furniture for the dressing rooms.

IKEA continues to be one of the largest retail chains implementation furniture and accessories for home furnishing. Only in Russia, the company owns 14 TC "Mega" and IKEA stores.

IKEA Stores

PS While typeset article, the network began to appear evidence that the immediate opening of IKEA stores scheduled only 2018 year. We also learned that in 2015 year, thanks to an indoor skating rink in the shopping center "MEGA", will be released considerable space, which is planned for areas of catering and entertainment. The first new concept of "Try" "Mega Khimki" and "Mega Teply Stan".

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