LACK side table glossy white 55x55x45 cm

LACK side table glossy white 55x55x45 cm
4.0 /5 rating (9 votes)
Article number 601.937.36

Light; easy to move.

The shiny surface reflects light.

Easy to assemble.

product dimensions
Length:55 см
Width:55 см
Height:45 см
Max load:25 kg
Packaging dimensions and weight



Окружающая среда

Suitable for recycling or energy recovery if it is provided in your area.


Particleboard, Fibreboard, Paper film
Top part:
Particleboard, Honeycomb paper filling (100% recycled material), Fiberboard, Acrylic paint, Plastic edging
Care instructions

Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Wipe clean with a dry cloth.

Regularly check all fastenings and tighten them if necessary.

Additional Information

Helpful information

Combines with other products in the LACK series.

Lighter means better

For years, 20 we sell coffee tables LAKK, constantly reducing the weight of LAKK and increasing production volumes. This allows us to equally reduce the cost of this table. In addition, during these years the transportation and assembly of the LACC has been greatly simplified, new colors and finishing options have appeared. And we are not going to stop there. You can choose LACK for your interior. All products of the LAKK series are combined with each other and perfectly complement other furniture from the IKEA range.

Brilliant idea!

We offer various colors and finishing options for coffee tables LAKK. In addition, the range of LAKK is constantly updated. Therefore, you can easily find a table just for your interior, for example, a carpet suitable for a Klippan sofa or a carpet. Want to create a stylish interior? Pay attention to other products in this series. You will find everything from shelves to TV cabinets. Products of the series are combined with each other and perfectly complement other furniture from the IKEA range.

Products series LAK and EXPEDIT just made for each other. They have a similar design, but different functions. Due to this series harmoniously complement each other. Combine wall-mounted shelves, shelves, coffee tables and TV tables to create an individual solution for the living room. And of course, each piece of furniture can be used not only in combination, but also separately.

The KALLAX and LACK series have become a true IKEA classic. We present the products of these series with a new glossy finish. Smooth surfaces that reflect light are a great way to brighten an interior, give it a modern and stylish look. Glossy finish perfectly combines with other types of finishes: wood, metal and matte varnish. And of course, you can combine the novelties of these series with the furniture of other styles. Brilliant furniture at attractive prices - a brilliant idea!


IKEA of Sweden

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