Terzian Desktop Lamp

Terzian Desktop Lamp
3.4 /5 rating (16 votes)
Article number 603.701.83
-direction Lighting; It provides a concentrated stream of light for reading.
-Thanks To an adjustable arm and head for easy directing of light.
product dimensions

Shade diameter: 17 cm
Wire length: 1.6 m

Packaging dimensions and weight



Steel, Lacquer

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The history of changes in the price of goods

Since March 2019, from which the price history has been tracked, the goods have not been sold in any of the countries in which IKEA is present.

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Feedback (1)

  • marina

    Three years ago I bought this lamp from the Ikea store in Moscow. Previously, there were a lot of similar domestic table lamps, they were called "student" or "design" - I just wanted this. And here in Ikei I saw something similar - a table lamp, which can be decently stretched in length and height, with a free turn around its axis and a flexible "head". You can mount such a lamp vertically and horizontally to anything - to the table, shelves, the back of the bed, etc. The lamp is completely metal and not heavy. It is very easy to fold for transportation and does not take up much space. By varying the height of the lamp, you can adjust the degree of light diffusion and illumination level. And if you pull out the lamp in length and lower the dome, you can light up the space under the table to find a pen, a coin, or unwind the wires that rolled under the table. I have a closet near the table - I just unfold the lamp, pull it out and light the farthest corners on the shelves. The lamp leg loosely gets out of the mount, so at the very least, the lamp can be easily reached and placed on the floor to illuminate, for example, the back of the computer unit. In general, the lamp is unique, I recommend it to everyone :) Three years it works like a clock, there were no breakages, and I am incredibly happy with my purchase :)

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