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Terzian or chandelier-spider from IKEA

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Remaking Terzian from IKEAHandmade interior furnishings and home accessories always cost an order of magnitude more. Firstly, it guarantees the high quality of the manufactured item, and secondly, exclusivity. After all, you will be the only owner of this particular piece, released in a single circulation. But why overpay? A little effort, time and a creative idea will come to life before your eyes. Today we will tell you how from simple work lamps collect very unusual chandelier, which is designed to resemble a spider. After all, adjustable racks, Sliding like spider legs, allow you to control the lighting, creating an intricate ceiling paintings.

For its production, we need:

MDF sheet material or alternative size 40h120 cm 1,6 cm thick;
metal table leg length of about 70 cm 2,5-3 cm in circumference;
Adhesive suitable for work with wood surfaces;
bolts, nuts;
1,5 m steel wire;
hook with a ring;
5 double terminals for wiring;
jig saw, drill, screwdriver, sandpaper.

MDF sheet or any other material is cut 3 36 cm diameter circle. One of them must be made to accommodate the layout of lamps. In order to lamps 12 pieces fit, measure the brightness through the center of the angle increments in 30 °. You can use fewer lamps to the corresponding decrease the size of the inner circles. We advise them to choose the optimal number to the product while maintaining its glamor.

Circle for the manufacture of chandeliers Terzian

One of the three laps set aside - it will serve as a lamp base. Of the two other pre-drawn circle diameter 30 cm, cut out the core. Of the latter, make a circle about the size of 24 cm, which will serve as a springboard for the placement of fixing our Lamp. All irregularities we clean sandpaper.

With glue plates align with each other. As a result, all the manipulations have circular structure 3,2 cm thick and a hole inside. This ring We perform 12 electric drill holes, which will be attached Lamp. Then, using glue and screws, attach the pending contact circle in the beginning, which serves as a ground wire chandeliers and masks.

We produce Terzian

In the center of the circle (24 cm) make a small hole, which will be located in the following fixture. At the bottom of the table legs also need to make a hole for the withdrawal of electrical wires. For greater clarity, the process of illustration, consider carefully.

Depending on what type of foot you are using for your Lamp, Look for the way to her way to the ceiling mount. The main thing at this point the safety and durability. Prior to the installation of chandeliers make a connection of all wires from the lampsUsing the double terminals, which will provide maximum contact and smooth operation.

The finished product Terzian

Chandelier Spider is ready! This unusual accessory will fit into a creative studio or room, decorated in a creative style.

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