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Catalogues and brochures

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Sometimes there is a situation where simply desperately need to find out the name of an object from the IKEA range. The new IKEA catalog noOn the IKEA website noBut you remember exactly{# Emotions_dlg.wink}They saw it in the IKEA catalog three years ago (yes, yes - it's a case of life). That for these and other similar situations, and we have created this file. And perhaps, for someone to be just interesting to see how IKEA catalogs looked a few years ago.

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Catalogues and brochures 2010 (Russia)Catalogues and brochures on 2010 year released for Ikea Russia. Section includes the traditional "thick" directory interiors, "kitchen" collection, as well as options wardrobes from IKEA. Seasonal bonusom- "buffet" from Ikea: brochures with "delicious" proposals and Christmas goods. Any of the catalogs can be downloaded in pdf format in excellent quality.




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Opinions about the quality of IKEA there are so many, and so diametrically opposed, arguing on this subject is almost useless. However, apart from the views of consumers, there is also a very IKEA campaign look. The brochure entitled "IKEA can trust" campaign tried to convey to the customer according to independent testing laboratories for the quality of its textile products.

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Catalogues and brochures on 2011. Zedes contains the following catalogs and brochures IKEA issued in 2011 year:

  • main catalog for IKEA 2011 year
  • IKEA kitchens catalog
  • PAX wardrobes IKEA catalog
  • upholstered furniture production IKEA catalog
  • mattresses directory, pillows and blankets IKEA
  • storage systems IKEA catalog (BESTÅ, FRAMSTÅ, INREDA)
  • booklet for children aged up to 0 36 months
  • booklet for children aged up to 3 7 years

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