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In late August 2012 year saw a new light IKEA catalog behind 2013 year. The validity of the main IKEA Catalogue with 1 September 2012 24 till June 2013 years. On this page you can download the IKEA catalog in PDF. In addition, throughout the duration of the main IKEA catalog provides special thematic catalogs dedicated to kitchens, furniture, TV, wardrobe, etc. They will all be appearing at us as they become available.

As we have We wrote earlier This year a new collection out IKEA PS. And, we can say that the new catalog dedicated to the event. On the cover of the catalog shows a sample kresloIKEA 1951 year, which continues the theme of the new collection IKEA PS. Here is what she wrote about this chair IKEA pages new catalog"They say that new - it is well forgotten old. Proof of this can serve as a chair STRANDMONWhich is an improved version of the classic chair IKEA, went on sale in 1951, under the laconic title MK. It has retained its popularity among customers for years to come. By the way, a chair, which is shown on the cover of this catalog belongs to the founder of IKEA Ingvar Kamprad. in 50-th year it was worth SEK 207, 3098 which corresponds to SEK today (about 14 thousand. in terms of US Dollars). B IKEA Catalogue per year 1951 stressed that this chair is classified as goods of the highest quality. As we found out today, after 61 year, people still enjoy a high-backed chair. They conveniently chitit, watch TV, work on your laptop. That's why we decided to give the chair MK new life and a new name. "

In addition, you can view all IKEA products both new and already released from the range on our website, leave and read reviews about them.

IKEA catalog 2013
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