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IKEA PS 2012

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At intervals of a few years, IKEA represent the world its new designer collection by title IKEA PS (IKEA PS). This year saw the light 7-design collection of this series - IKEA PS 2012 (IKEA PS 2012). The fact that such IKEA PS we have already mentioned - to plunge into the history of this series, you can here. Now we would like to tell you about the new collection of this unique series, especially because of its debut recently - 15 June in stores IKEA in Russia started selling furniture of this collection.

Recall that the first collection IKEA PS Saw the light in the distant 1995 year. A unique feature of this and all subsequent collections is a common idea that unites each collection. For example, for the very first collection, which appeared in 1995 year, the slogan "Democratic design" was chosen. In the new collection, the connecting link was the desire of IKEA designers to plunge into the 60-year history of the company and find in it sources for inspiration. Using and processing the "old" design, IKEA did not forget about new materials and technologies. The key features of the new collection were the following moments, the use and application of which allowed to make a modern, eco-friendly and functional collection:

  • Form and function - Ease of use, storage and stacking
  • Environmentally friendly - The use of LEDs, recycled plastic, bamboo
  • Materials - Reliable, durable and modern

That out of all of it, can be found in our catalog - IKEA PS 2012. By the way, on this collection work 19 designers who presented a total of almost 50 new items. We do not want to express their own opinion about this collection, so as not to impose it and do not stop you from doing your own conclusions. The only thing I would say, well, in principle, it is so obvious that all collections IKEA PS, And this collection is no exception, really have their own unique style, unlike serial furniture, manufactured IKEA. Well, finally, a small gallery of interior solutions with the "participation" of new items IKEA PS collection.

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