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IKEA - a huge number of various furniture, a lot of ryushechek and knickknacks for the house, photo frames, candle holders for candles, pillows and mattresses, toys and products for children. All this variety harvested in the vast space IKEA stores. We've learned that the main avid visitors to IKEA stores are women and children. For children - a playroom for the fairer sex - a huge range of interior design projects, where you can get lost. Men, for the most part, appear to IKEA as free labor or experts on measurement and sleigh carriages{#}. At home, they are given the honor to look through the instructions to twist the screws and assemble into a coherent whole all that was purchased and delivered to their own mighty shoulders.

To help the men in their difficult task to assemble IKEA offers a number of little things that will not only help them cope with this difficult task, but also occupy a worthy place on their shelves with the tool. So, bring your attention intrumentov sets and other useful small things that would have been small but nice gift for your favorite man ...

Comprises: Hammer with separate rubber nozzle wrench, universal pliers, screwdriver with nozzles (Phillips, slotted, hex), and an awl.

The kit includes: miter box, a screw clamp, a saw with interchangeable blades for wood and metal, building level, roulette and 3 m square.

Screw with nut, 260 piece (299 grew. Rub.)

The set includes: various screws and wall plugs for wood, plaster, concrete and brick.
It is recommended to use only indoors.

Retainer / collar / Velcro, 114 piece (199 ros.rub.)
Hook for a picture, 116 piece (199 ros.rub.)
The kit includes: 5 long hooks for pictures for concrete walls, 10 hooks for concrete walls, 6 double hooks for walls made of wood and drywall, 15 single hooks for walls made of wood and drywall, 30 30 long and short nails.

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