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LAK + AppleWe named our current mess "MAK LACK HAQ." Funny, is not it? Mack (in English MAC) or a Macintosh line PCWhich is designed, developed, manufactured and marketed by Apple (EPL). All of them are controlled by the operating system Mac OS. And its name got ... (now you will be surprised !!!) on apples "Mac." What we're getting at? .. Follow alteration and we will reveal our secret.

Good old LAK ... How many rework using it, how many people he inspired! And now once again we see how you can transform this wonderful table, which embodies and minimalism, and aesthetics, and functionality, and low cost, accessible to everyone. In the remake will be used pridivanny table LAK and a sidebar on the desktop computer Apple.

Pridivanny LAK

Desktop Apple

To begin with take off and use the side wall of our desktop computer. Let's do it openings for future fixtures. All actions are marked in red on the photo.

Make a hole in the panel

Holes for fixing

Next tackling the table. Applied thereto panelCentering it and outline the size of a marker or pencil. Draws the resulting rectangle.

We reveal LAK

Carefully we reveal LACK table on the perimeter of the rectangle. It is recommended to use a small knife to protect the bottom of the table and cut it through. Our task - to cut and remove only the top panel. Inside it is virtually hollow except Cell filling paper.

Cellular content of LAK

LAK cells from the inside

Put into the hole and fix the computer panel it. Thus, we have a convenient table with combined tabletop of metal and chipboard. Now it is more resistant to mechanical damage and temperature changes. But its functionality can be any - it's up to your imagination.

Updated LAK

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