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Stencil pattern

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We begin our work in the New Year with alterations in a fairly simple, but at the same time a fun technique. Is This screen technology. If you look into the history of this decorative craftsmanship, then you will, at least, be surprised. Stencil technique, or rather the previous stage in its development, goes back to the 1 century of our era. This happened in China in territorial terms, because many years later, surprising samples of fabrics and parchments were preserved, preserved until the beginning of the 20 century. True, the technology presupposed the drawing of a pattern by tapping a stencil with chalk, which, penetrating through the holes, left a mark on the surface. The modern stage in the stencil technique was preceded by a long development and several more significant steps that improved and made the stencil technique as convenient as possible for the decorator.

Screen technology is good because when using it, we can create designs and drawings as well as a label. The technique works on all possible surfaces: Fabric, wood, glass, ceramics and even plaster. And this is not an exhaustive list. Operation takes place with the stencil using a brush, sponge or spatula using ink structural paste, gel or means for engraving glass surfaces. Sami stencils can be purchased at specialty stores, but you can make yourself. As you may have guessed, knowing that we are not looking for easy ways, we will use the stencil homemade.

Today we use the cliche's try the technique on a chest of drawers from IKEA. Particularly original, it will look, for example, on the chest of a series LEKSVIKRAST or FjellMade of solid pine. Pre-surface can be covered with lacquer or stain, paint paint, in a word, to make it original, not like the others. You can also replace the hands of the chest, if you pursue the goal, for example, by means of a piece of furniture to create a classic interior and furniture in it "does not fit".

Making a stencil

Chinatown stencil

If previously you had to create stencils by hand, but now our task as easy as possible: we just print the template you like us in the right size and move it, pre-cut letters on the plastic piece. Stencil plastic - This is the most convenient and budget option. Apply a stencil to the surface of the chest / drawers. Draws the edges of the image, in this case letters to avoid getting paint on the surface, which is not intended for coloring. There are also special film which when placed on the surface to protect it from a possibly spreading paint. But you can do without them.

Paint over the stencil

Then take a sponge, dunks it in a container of paint and small portions apply images, gradually and carefully fill the inside of the stencil. Once the work is completed, should immediately remove the stencil and allow the paint to dry. After drying, the surface protection as templating picture as a protection cover may be a special lacquer or wax.

Ready dresser

Making chest

We hope that this remake will inspire you to a closer acquaintance with the stencil technique. It is especially for lovers of IKEA furniture, because it is perfectly suited for decorating.

Remaking chest

And we, in turn, promise to continue a series of interesting alterations using this design highlights.

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