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IKEA Company in its activity pays much attention to the children. This is expressed not only in output equipment intended for children of different ages, but also to conduct various charity events around the world. In this review we will try to tell you more about the most interesting and well-known IKEA products for children.

Furniture for children's rooms

Perhaps the most famous children's series is IKEA MAMMUTMAMMUT - A children's furniture: beds, cupboards, shelves, etc. The main materials are plastic and wood. The colors are very nice and do not irritate the eyes. This series will be used both at home and in the children's playroom in the office or shop.

Here are a couple of interiors for children in this series. Even more in the interior our gallery.

The perfect complement to MAMMUT can serve series TROFAST. This series of IKEA furniture is designed to store toys and various small things in the nursery. Furnished in this series all the toys will always be neatly stacked. And thanks to its ease of use, it will be easier to teach a child to order. You can easily find and choose a combination of its own, which will fully meet your preferences and the size of the room. This series Racks also found application in a variety of pre-school institutions, and in the games room most IKEA stores.

A series of children's furniture LEKSVIK different natural materials and colors. Furniture of this series is made from an array of coniferous trees, covered with stain and transparent lacquer. A length of a baby cot in this series can be increased as the child grows.

Children's furniture in IKEA is also represented in drugh series:

  • STUVA - Various combinations to store children's clothes, toys, etc. Wide range of colors and options combinations end.
  • SUNDVIK - Children's table and chair in white and black and brown.
  • GULLIVER - Presented in a series of children's beds, changing tables and high chairs for babies.
  • Critter - Chair, table and bed. The colors - white, blue, red, birch.
  • MINNEN - Decoration Series - Babybed "antique".
  • SNIGLAR - Inexpensive series, including baby bed and changing table. Basic material - beech.
  • HENSVIK - A series of children's furniture, made in white. It includes children's beds, wardrobe and cupboard with shelves.
Supplement for furniture IKEA series, which presents cribs is series WISSA. In this series, as well as in its adult equivalent - SULTANPresented various options for mattresses. The difference from the older series - mattresses are designed for children and teenagers, not adults.


Lighting child's room - a separate issue. For these purposes, IKEA has three series: SKOYG, Smiley и SNЁIG. These series together fully cover all the requirements in terms of coverage for the child. In this series are represented as different colors desk lamps and ceiling lamps and nightlights different shapes and colors, which give a soft pleasant light.


A separate line should be noted textiles for children. For children who need to sleep more than adults, especially important healthy sleep. The extent to which energy and enthusiasm that wakes the child largely depends on what bed he spends hours of sleep. Series for children IKEA textiles include all the necessary range, not only the different bed sheet and pillow cases. You will also find children's curtains for razlinchyh rasskrasok, baby blankets, towels, rugs and much more. Thus, a series of children's textiles IKEA: VITAMINER, Torv, FABLER KAMRATER, FABLER.


The novelty of the year was a series of 2011 LEKA Circus, Which translated from Swedish "Playing in the circus." This series includes toys, the appearance of which is directly connected with the circus. This soft cubes with clowns, mat with circus animals, as well as a simulator for the infant in the form of a circus arena.

Generally toys IKEA presented several series:

  • DUKTIG - Girly series. It is represented by a toy kitchen furniture and utensils.
  • LEKKAMRAT - Also for girls. Dolls and clothes for them.
  • LILLABU - Toy cars and railways.
  • MULE - Wooden toys.
  • GOSIG и FABLER - Stuffed Toys

Evli you want to develop in your child's creative abilities, you can not do without the series MALL. This series includes all IKEA known board-easel and drawing paper, markers, crayons, and other tools ready to make the creative process fun and enjoyable.

Goods for children's safety

Toddler safety is very important. IKEA has taken care of that. In a series of products PATROL It includes a variety of tools that can make your child's life is much more secure. For more details you can read about this series here.


Talk about IKEA products for children can be indefinitely. It's no wonder the site IKEA children's products dedicated to the entire section. Tell all the interesting and "delicious" things in a short review is not possible, including We suggest you to wander a bit on the IKEA website and you are sure to find something for yourself what you want to buy. Also see the examples in our children's rooms interior gallery.

In conclusion, we draw your attention to a specialized children's IKEA catalogs: "IKEA - children and their parents from birth to 3 years." и "IKEA - children and their parents from the 3 7 years before.". In these directories you can find almost the complete range of children's IKEA.


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