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Furniture Paradise miniatures from IKEA

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Barbie and sonThe new advertising campaign by IKEA again surprised fans Swedish furniture. She went under the creative and significant title «Make Small Spaces Big», that, in essence, means the maximum use of even the most small spaces and turning them into full and comfortable accommodation. And it is this, according to IKEA designers can qualitatively affect the comfort in the house and warm family relationships.

Thus was created a creative video in which, for example, Barbie dolls, shown as comfortable to live in one-room apartment, go to work, and even fun. Such common house miniature compact allows to place all the blessings of civilization. Thanks furniture from IKEA, you can save a lot of space to find a place for any details.

The main characters and the happy owners of apartments unusual - Barbie doll and her sonWhich became the main characters of the movie "One Room Paradise". The movie is full of positive, smiles and joy. Designers and creators of the movie have considered everything and more. Small accessories, toy bags and favorite dog in a tiny apartment define and emphasize the atmosphere of coziness. A hostess fashion apartment and its residents is a little girl who at the beginning of a roller curtain opens the viewer into a miniature world.

The advertising campaign consists of two elements: Movie and video tour of the apartment in which he lives large family Barbie.

Tour At the apartment Barbie tells us in more detail about all the charms of the home. It starts with the fact that Barbie welcomes the audience and invites to visit. Then he leads through the rooms, dwelling in detail on each of them, boastfully describing and showing all sorts of things and accessories that can surprise even the most sophisticated lovers of IKEA. The company actually thought through its collections of storage systems, so Barbie has everything in its place. The beautiful doll shows how she keeps spices, cookbooks, food ... Here is the place for the creativity of her son and her corner for needlework. The next room where goes BarbieIs the living room, where she and her son have a rest, have fun and even sports. Of course, this fashionista is not without its clothes. Son play corner, table, wall board, which can be written in chalk - yes what is there just no!

SongSounding in the video was recorded singer Elayna Boynton, which has already received quite well known for work on the soundtrack to the motion picture Quentin Tarantino called «Django».

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