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IKEA - welcome to Lithuania!

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IKEA in Lithuania 2013First Baltic the mall IKEA is scheduled to open in August 2013 years. Most of the inhabitants of the Baltic states now purchase goods Swedish manufacturer in Poland. But with the opening of the first retail chain in the Baltic States are "Zákupy" will be unpopular, as Icelandic Company FelitManaging the IKEA in Lithuania declares quite competitive prices for the goods of this brand.

Favorable investment climate, which is located on the street in bold, near the airport, major investments (about 100 million euros), fast preparation of detailed plans for the construction allowed to build Vilnius shop in just six months and ensure that it 150-200 jobs.

Mayor of Vilnius Arturas Zuokas called the construction of the shopping center IKEA in Lithuania, one of the largest investment projects. A recoupment Mayor motivates appeal expanding market of the country.

Construction of the new IKEA shopping center in Lithuania

It is planned that IKEA products in Lithuania will buy not only local residents, but also visitors from Riga, Minsk and Kaliningrad. The new store will present to the customers everyday and designer furniture, fittings and accessories for interior decoration, executed in different styles, a cozy restaurant for the whole family, shop Swedish products and even a nursery called Småland.

Currently runs a competitive selection of applicants for jobs in the mall selling furniture and home accessories, has gained popularity around the world.

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