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IKEA launched the sale of solar panels

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As reported by Reuters, a chain of stores of goods and furniture for the home IKEA started selling solar panels in UK retail outlets. Over the next year, the new products should be in the range of IKEA shopping centers in Britain. Already selected store where for the first time will begin implementation of solar panels - IKEA Southampton.

Manufacturer of solar panels is a Chinese company Hanergy Holding Group. The approximate cost of the panels will be about 18 9,2 thousand dollars (5,7 thousand. Pounds or so 300 thousand grew. Rubles equivalent). A considerable price for new products require a long addiction potential consumers. With all this, it is estimated IKEA employees, any British homeowner can save up to 800 pounds each year using solar. Calculated that the purchase will pay off in full 7-year term. It was at this period the company warrants recommendations regarding the installation and operation of solar panels.

Installation of solar panels

In the UK funutsioniruet 17 shops Swedish furniture manufacturer. However, why the UK has been chosen for the pilot project, the company does not explain. If the sale of solar panels will prove successful, the organization will begin to implement them in other countries.

Recently, IKEA actively promotes the use of energy-saving products (for example, an ultra appliances and LED bulbs). By 2015, the company is going to get to the desired 70 percent of its energy by using solar and wind, and to 2020 year - up to 100% capacity.

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